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how to sell

How can I sell my designs in the fabric-custom.com Marketplace?

Before You Start

Create product: Making a design available for sale is as simple adding descriptive information.

designate it as for sale in your fabric-custom.com category: design library

images for your product, extensions: png,jpg,jpeg,Upload < 50MB .

Upload big files for your design print FABRIC, Allowed extensions: zip,rar = <compression: jpg/jpeg/png,tiff,tif, PSD, GIF, SVG, AI, and EPS, Vector files (AI, SVG, or EPS)  during the files upload.>


We fabrics usually silk 44/54 inches ,Cotton, polyester, etc 58 inches width, roll length About 50 yards.

Please As far as possible set your design  Width = you Choose the width of the fabric, Complete your design pictures.

Print  your design picture:
1: the fixed size <Pictures and fabric ratio is 1:1=original image highly down Repeat the print >

design width:/54/58 inches your Choose FABRIC WIDTH

design height: repeat twice your design or 100% your design

Dpi: 150-300

Format: jpg/png/tif


2: the loop size <your Pictures we  right  Repeat the fabric width,then down Repeat the print>

design width : repeat twice your design or 100% your design

design height : repeat twice your design or 100% your design

Dpi: 150-300

Format: jpg/png/tif

Picture mode: cmyk / rgb

Reference pictures:The preparation of your design, size control under 30- 40 MB <dpi:100 3150 x3150 pixels,Width 80 cm x 80 cm Heigh

or dpi:150 Width 60 cm x 60 cm Heigh>.You can preview your final print by using  Photoshop Print with Preview,  not exactly replicate a printed piece of fabric,but it comes pretty close.More instructions, please check: Create Digital printing design.

You can sell fabric on fabric-custom.com once you have uploaded designs. 


Overview Of Selling

The fabric-custom.com Marketplace lets you sell fabric,  with your original designs and earn 10% of the sale price when your design is purchased by   customer,Include your own purchase. if You will not receive a commission on your purchase of your own fabric designs.  Rather, you will receive a ten percent (10%) discount of the retail price of fabric printed with your own designs.(30 yards is a big discount).


When someone purchases your design, you'll be notified in the Products Purchased Report
on  page query,  when you log in to http://www.fabric-custom.com/index.php?route=account/account.

fabric-custom.com prints the product, serve our customers. One month after the purchase -- to allow time for the product to arrive and to make sure the buyer is a happy customer -- your earnings will appear as  in your Paypal account. 

How does copyright work when I upload my designs to fabric-custom.com? We value the copyright of all images. Any image that is uploaded to fabric-custom.com is automatically saved as Private and the owner retains all rights to the design. To make your design available for others to see or purchase, you must change your settings from Private to Public or For Sale as a certain product.

You control the copyright:Publish,Unpublish,Etc.

Thanks for participating in the fabric-custom.com marketplace. Good luck!

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how to sell